This is my second attempt to source this. 

Title says it all. TO APPLY: 1 out of the 25 illustration will be need to be submitted as an example of your style/ability. 

To simplify things for a lack of time to answer everyone, here are the instructions. The illustration of a child playing with semi truck toys on the floor of the family room, with maybe the dad in the background on the couch and the mom in sight (or not) in the kitchen.

The attached image  is just to illustrate the colors, style, etc. You will have to draw the characters. The child should be about 5 year old boy, maybe have a girl child being held by the mom. The parents should be about 30 years old, the dad not fat but definitely not skinny, most truckers are "full" body. The dad is going to be the main character throughout the book. Maybe give him a very small slight beard, like a 5 o-clock shadow type.

Illustrations will be of semi-trucks on the road, with details on the truck, open roads, etc. It will be for a children's book, but not looking for caricature/goofy style. You would be given recognition in the book if all works out. 

It doesn't matter if it's an individual or an agency, 10 days is max amount of time allowed. No extensions. 25 illustrations for $2,500. Not prorated, meaning I will not pay if not all 25 are completed in 10 days.