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My animated logo for #BehancePortfolioReview Cebu.
Credits to Pach Valenzona for the animation.

DocChat App

And here we go, the art style and graphic design for DocChat App.

Output Video :

'Explainer' Video Storyboard (Process)

Hello, I'm back !!!
I am glad to share this storyboard I made from scratch! Just to help you figure out the process.
It usually takes more or less than a *week to complete a JUST scratch of the storyboard, yes week because it includes the research, script study, and art style.

Hope it helps, thanks! :)

GovSmart Script > Art Style > Storyboard

Animation Type:  'Explainer' Video
Animation Duration: 40 sec. - 1 min.

GovSmart Script

When the government wants to save money when purchasing IT equipment and services,

 they should turn to GovSmart.

We sell almost everything IT related including hardware,

 software, renewals, maintenance, and custom services.

We have multi-billion dollar Government Wide Acquisition Contracts
in place such as NASA SEWP-V and NIH CIO-CS,

but we also have the ability to do 8(a) direct-awards

 and a variety of other small-business set-asides to save our customers time.

We are experts in the FAR and at setting up BPA’s and BOA’s to help our government customers succeed in meeting their HUBZone goal.

 Between our manufacturer and VAR partnerships, full-time onsite engineers, and very healthy credit lines, we are able to provide significant value and cost savings to the government and stand out above our competition.

Here's the art style and storyboard.